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New Beauty

Ever stood in front of a row of mascaras at the beauty boutique feeling totally baffled? With aisles full of choices it’s hard to figure out what will actually make a great addition to your beauty routine.


In an attempt to combat this problem not just for myself, but for hundreds of confused women everywhere each month I will be sorting through and testing the latest product offerings over at the Hip + Urban Girl’s Guide to put together my top picks of the items that deserve some consideration in your beauty arsenal. May nothing but good hair days, DIY manicures and the perfect lip colour be in your future. Here’s what’s new and exciting this month.
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BYOB: Bring Your Own Bracelets

As that old song goes, two’s a party, but three’s a crowd, however in the world of arm accessories the part really is just getting started at four. Not quite sure how you can stack up to the bracelet trend? 

If you’re late to the Arm Party there’s no need to wait for your formal invitation. I’ve put together a starter kit of bracelets for you to check out over at The Hip + Urban Girl’s Guide. Arms up! 



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Rack to Rack with Rachel Matthews

Photo By: Krist Papas

Your friends and family may be quick to tell you they like your new shoes or your outfit choice for the evening even if they aren’t totally serious, but Rachel Matthews won’t lie to you. If you shouldn’t be wearing that skirt length, blouse print or dress sleeve she’ll be the first to tell you politely, but then she’ll be sure to follow up with a long list of alternatives that will work amazing for your body type and make you feel glamorous while still staying under budget.

I recently attended one of the Rack to Rack Funshops hosted by the Toronto-based fashion stylist and she shared with me some fundamental tips everyone can keep in mind while revamping their closet for the fall. Check them out on Style Nine to Five.

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Lacquered Up for Fall

You’ve already heard me profess my love for nail polish many times so this next beauty feature in Whatever Magazine should come as no surprise. Enjoy Fall nail trends and some advice from an OPI expert to get your hands looking marvellous. Add a big sparkly cocktail ring and let them admire as you shake hands hello.

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He Who Seeks Beauty Will Find it

A little while ago I watched the most inspiring film. It was a documentary about Bill Cunningham, the New York Times fashion photographer. You may not recall his name or his face, but if you’ve ever read a Sunday edition of the NY Times chances are you’ve seen his images of stylish New Yorkers out on the street and at exclusive galas and soirees. Bill has photographed some of the most notable characters in the fashion world and has had the pleasure of attending countless Fashion Week shows around the world. The movie is filled with cameos by admiring peers such as Anna Wintour who praise his skill and charisma. Learning about this charming man really emphasized that finding something you are truly passionate about and making it your life’s work is the only job worth having. I guarantee you will leave the theatre with a huge smile and enough inspiration to get out there and find your calling.

Find out a little bit more about the movie on my post for Style Nine to Five, and watch the trailer. You can catch the film in Toronto at Varisty Cinemas.

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Tech Chic: The iPad Case

Okay so I don’t actually have my own iPad yet but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate all those pretty cases made just for the latest and greatest Apple gadget. Here are some of the ones I liked the most on Style Nine to Five. When I finally get my own I’ll be ready to rock it in style.

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It’s Turban Time

Bianca Jagger, circa 1970s.

Craving a daring new spring accessory? The turban is making a comeback, and i’ve got some great ones suggested for you on ChristieLohr.com

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My Style Journal

If you’ve ever dreamed about a career in the Canadian fashion industry, chances are you have come across Style Nine to Five. Created by Vancouver fashion insider Chrisite Lohr, the career website is home to an extensive listing of the latest fashion jobs in Canada. Christie has also launched My Style Journal, a blog covering events, trends and lifestyle news from Vancouver to Toronto.  I recently signed on as the new Toronto contributor and am looking forward to working with the talent team. Check out my first beauty post on getting Lustrous Locks as well as my introduction. Stay tuned for more of my posts on christielohr.com each week.

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