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A Food Lover’s Mission

Follow me on Instagram and no doubt you will see one of two things; photos of my manicures and photos of some of the best things I’m eating at home or at a restaurant. I’ll get into more detail about the first point in another post, so today we’ll focus on the second: food.


I’m guilty. I like to take pictures of anything from a summertime fresh garden tomato to the entree I ordered at that trendy new Toronto restaurant. To my epicurious delight I recently discovered Gastropost, a special feature from the National Post that encourages foodies to take part in weekly food missions for a chance to have their culinary adventures shared online and in print.

Simple follow @Gastropost on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and tag your food photos with the #Gastropost hashtag each week to participate in their food missions. You might find yourself a foodie celebrity one week like I recently did.


Earlier this month I participated in the Pizza Rising Mission and submitted a photo of a pizza I ate on a recent trip to New York City at Otto Enoteca. It was called Pane Frattau topped with tomato sauce, pecorino cheese and the best part of all a sunny side up egg right in the middle!  A few days later I got an email from the friendly Gastropost team notifying me that my entry would be featured in the print edition that weekend. My submission would even be accompanied by a cartoon drawing of myself. How fun is that?!

Don't I make a good cartoon?

Don’t I make a good cartoon?

What I really love about this project is how the Post has taken an activity many social media users already love to do and created an engaged and interactive community of fans that transcends the traditional newspaper page right over to the most popular digital platforms. There’s no app to download and the missions each week ensure that food lovers can share a wide range of culinary favourites that are fun, seasonal and unique. Plus who wouldn’t love to see themselves in the paper? I’ll definitely be keeping up with this project.

Have you participated in #Gastropost? Show me what you’ve submitted!

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Exhibit Set in Style: The Jewelry of Van Cleef and Arpels

Leave your credit card and home ladies, because these fabulous jewels are not for sale. Running until July 4, 2011, the Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum in New York City is hosting Set in Style: The Jewelry of Van Cleef & Arpels. The exhibit features more than 350 magnificent works, including jewels, time pieces, accessories, fashion pieces and objets d’art boasting impeccable stones and unparalleled gem-setting techniques that have made Van Cleef & Arpels a leader in the luxury jewel market since its inception in 1896.

Pieces worn by the actress and Princess are on display

Highlights include priceless pieces worn by some of the century’s most glamorous figures; Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor, the Duchess of Windsor and Marlene Deitrich. The exhibit also explores the historical significance of the French jewellery house’s contributions to 20th century jewellery design, featuring transformation pieces which can be worn several different ways, as well as exotic pieces commissioned for clients in India, Egypt and China. What’s more is that jewellery admirers can even share their favourite gems with their friends through email, Facebook and Twitter on the complimentary iPads while visiting the museum. Total bliss!

Can’t make it stateside to see these gorgeous gems in person? The Set in Style: The Jewelry of Van Cleef & Arpels book features over 250 pages of the jewellers most celebrated and innovated pieces for you to pore over to get the full effect of the reach of Van Cleef & Arpels rich history of design and style. Either way keep your sunglasses handy because this bling is mighty shiny.

Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum
2 East 91st Street New York, NY 10128

Through July 4 2011. cooperhewitt.org

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