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New Beauty

Ever stood in front of a row of mascaras at the beauty boutique feeling totally baffled? With aisles full of choices it’s hard to figure out what will actually make a great addition to your beauty routine.


In an attempt to combat this problem not just for myself, but for hundreds of confused women everywhere each month I will be sorting through and testing the latest product offerings over at the Hip + Urban Girl’s Guide to put together my top picks of the items that deserve some consideration in your beauty arsenal. May nothing but good hair days, DIY manicures and the perfect lip colour be in your future. Here’s what’s new and exciting this month.
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The Tips Nail Bar Experience

I kid you not when I say I’ve been waiting to get my nails done at Tips Nail Bar all year. I first heard about owner Leanne Colley and her team of manicure heavy hitters in January while interning at a PR company. After seeing their work on the runway at LG Fashion Week, in the pages of Fashion, Flare and Elle Canada magazines, on countless Toronto beauty editors, and even more in the know ladies on Twitter, I decided that the trek to Greektown would be well worth it.

I finally got myself organized and secured a coveted appointment last Friday. Knowing I was mere hours away from treating my hands to what the beauty elite of Toronto are calling the best manicure in the city made the day go by super fast, and before I knew it I was walking up the stairs into the nail haven.

I immediately was smitten by Tips;  the windowsill was lined with an impressive array of magazines, the shelves were beaming with a seemingly endless amount of lacquers from O.P.I, Essie, Chanel, YSL, China Glaze and beyond, and the tunes on the radio were groovy. Soon I was greeted by my mainicurist, Melissa, and I left my nails in her very capable hands.

Tips practises what is called a dry manicure– your fingers are exempted from the usual water-soaking step. Instead cuticles are softened with oil and gel, and hands are scrubbed and lotioned with the most wonderful-smelling stuff. This prevents the nails from expanding and becoming prone to polish chipping. The worst part of the experience? Having to settle on just one lacquer colour. I decided to cheat and pick two for a moon-mani : YSL’s White Gold for the moons and Turquoise Blue for the rest of the nail.

The end result was absolutely gorgeous and I found myself flaunting my hands infront of anyone who would look all weekend long (sorry mom, dad, boyfriend and that lady in the bank line). This place really is a manicure lover’s dream, and I’m nearly contemplating a move to the Danforth just so I can be in walking distance for my next manicure fix.

844a Danforth Ave. Toronto 416-405-8477 www.tipsnailbar.ca

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New on the Manicure Block: Noir Nail Bar

I love being pampered just as much (okay, probably way more) as the next girl, and at the top of my list of  little indulgences is the manicure. No doubt I was excited to head to the grand opening of Toronto’s latest nail bar, Noir Nail Bar in the heart of lovely Liberty Village. Check the place out in my review for Christie Lohr.

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