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Mab Libs Writer’s Series: Stephanie Ullman

Continuing on with the Mab Libs Writer’s Series is our next guest, Stephanie Ullman. You’ll be happy to know Stephanie and I are great IRL friends; in fact we were even roommates for three years in London, Ontario (otherwise known as the glory days). She is an aspiring PR Pro and also a newbie blogger on My Fifteen Minutes.

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Writer’s Mad Libs Series: Heidi Turner

Heidi Turner is one of my dearest internet friends (I promise have REAL LIFE friends too, really I do!). We found each other through the awesomeness that is PWAC, and she has been kind enough to share hear writing wisdom with me over time. Plus, we’ve both made guest appearances on each other’s blogs (here and here). In my opinion she has mastered her goal of being funny, intelligent and insightful all at once in her contribution to the Mad Libs. Check it out below.

Name: Heidi Turner

Occupation: Freelance writer extraordinaire!

Blog/Twitter: www.thehappyfreelancer.com @heidi_turner

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Writer’s Mad Libs Series: Amanda DiPasquale

This next writer and I actually go way back (yup, we know each other IRL!). I met Amanda DiPasquale as an undergraduate student at Western when we both discovered we were from the same suburban bubble North of Toronto. From then our paths have crossed numerous times, and I have been happy to support her blog venture from the beginning. Here is what she has to say:

Name: Amanda DiPasquale

Occupation: PR Account Coordinator/Blogger

Blog/Twitter: http://notamodelblog.com @notamodelblog


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Writer’s Mad Libs Series: Mackenzie Aderman

The Mad Libs Writer’s Series is officially underway! Our next participant is Mackenzie Aderman, a frequent contributor to wellrounded.me.

Occupation: Student by day, Online Fundraising Associate for the New International Center of Diverse Artists by night and Aspiring Novelist in between

Blog: http://musingsbymackenzie.tumblr.com Twitter: @mackenzieadermn

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Mad Libs Writer’s Series: Cassandra Jowett

First up in our Writer’s Mad Libs Series is Talent Egg’s Cassandra Jowett. I’ve been working with Cassandra for almost three years now, but funny enough we have actually never met each other in real life! Here she is to share some of her writing insight.

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