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Mix n’ Match Like a Genius

It’s T-minus one week until Christmas Eve, meaning the holiday party circuit is in full force. Between gifts, menu preparations and last-minute decorations you probably don’t have much time to give your outfit-clothing coordination too much thought.

L'Oreal App

If you’re not sure which shade of lipstick goes best with that new holiday frock, may we suggest downloading the free L’Oreal Colour Genius app from iTunes.  I discovered it a few weeks ago at the L’Oreal Spring 2013 preview event in Toronto and have been playing around with it ever since.

See how it can help you save time and keep stylish in the review I put together here on the Hip + Urban Girl’s Guide, or let the L’Oreal beauties tell you all about it themselves.

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Gift Guide


If you’re like me you’re lusting over many beautiful things this holiday season. Some are shiny and sparkly, others are soft and cozy and the rest are sweet enough to eat!

If you’re having some trouble checking off the most important people on your gift giving list here is some inspiration that will set you on a merry shopping path without going over budget. It’s Whatever Magazine’s Gift Guide with presents from under $50 to well over $2,000. Check it out here and happy gift giving!

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For Auld Lang Syne

December 31st. Last day of the month, last day of the year. Change your desk calendar, crack open a fresh agenda, create a new folder on your Mac. Store away the remnants of 2011 and make room for the new thoughts, adventures and lessons the next 12 months will bring. Dare I mention it? That word buzzing around at insane speeds the time of year? You know the one. Resolutions. Do you have any? Will you be making them? How hard will you work to keep them?

Sometimes it helps to hear what others are hoping to do for a little insight and inspiration. Us ladies at The Hip & Urban Girl’s Guide put together our own lst to share. Check it out and tell us what’s on your list. As the clock ticks closer to midnight I hope you’ll be excited to start another year, no matter where you are and how you’re celebrating. Cheers!

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Presents and Cocktails

What’s a Christmas party without perfectly wrapped presents under the tree, and what’s the fun in opening said gifts if not accompanied by a festive cocktail? These are the injustices that will haunt us throughout the holidays….

But anyways, you’re probably running out of unique ways to wrap presents for your family, friends and co-workers, and they’re probably sick of collecting those gift bags from the dollar store. Solution: follow some advice from gift-wrapper extraordinaire Corinna vanGerwen for gifts that will look almost too good to be opened.

And to make sure no one goes thirsty as they unwrap their beautiful packages, be sure to keep the ingredients ready to make these festive holiday beverages which, perfectly enough, are just as pretty looking as those gifts you’ll have. Aren’t you just the perfect hostess. Happy Holidays!

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2010 Photo Diary

Uploading the last of my 2010 pictures onto iPhoto today, I couldn’t help but browse through all my albums from the last year. The groups of photos sparked so many good times, so many happy memories, and new experiences that made it a year to remember. So I decided it would be fun to put together a little photo diary of my year in review. Here is to a wonderful year and to the start of another great one.

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Tis the Season for Giving

As much as we complain about the stress and lack of time, shopping for presents around the Holidays really can be a pleasant experience. Seriously!

"Honey you got me a new ride? You shouldn't have!"


The stores are festive and inviting (ok minus the crowds and never ending lines), there are so many new and exclusive items to choose from and you go home carrying a parcel that is sure to put a smile on the face of the receiver.

Getting from the store to the present exchange part, however, can be rather intimidating for some (we can’t all be shopping pros!). You may be dealing with a receiver who has everything or a person whose only interests are obscure and hard to purchase for hobbies, or maybe you just really want to step your game up and find the ultimate gift for that special person.

Have no fear my gift giving-challenged friends! There are many wonderful Gift Guides out there to inspire the perfect present for anyone you love.

Particularly if you are in the market for something red or something gold to give this season, may I suggest you check out my themed gift guide in this month’s issue of Whatever Magazine.

In the words of Toronto rap sensation Drake, you can thank me later!

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