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BYOB: Bring Your Own Bracelets

As that old song goes, two’s a party, but three’s a crowd, however in the world of arm accessories the part really is just getting started at four. Not quite sure how you can stack up to the bracelet trend? 

If you’re late to the Arm Party there’s no need to wait for your formal invitation. I’ve put together a starter kit of bracelets for you to check out over at The Hip + Urban Girl’s Guide. Arms up! 



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Clean Sweep

What is it about doing a major closet clean up that leaves you feeling so in control and calm? When my closet is in order I feel like my life is more in order. All the unnecessary junk is removed, and everything else is organized to be easily found.

Spring is just over a month away and those thoughts of Spring Cleaning are sure to come out soon. This year the Hip & Urban Girls’ Guide is giving you a great reason to get that closet in order and part ways with those items that are too big/small or haven’t been worn in months. On February 27th they’re hosting a Spring Cleaning Fashion Swap to support Nellie’s Women’s Shelter and Dress for Success.  Here are the details:

  • Date: Monday, February 27
  • Time: 6-9pm
  • Venue: Rent Frock Repeat Showroom 35 Golden Avenue #102
  • Cost: $5, with proceeds donated to Nellie’s Women’s Shelter.
  • Preview RFR’s new 2012 spring collection
  • Enjoy complimentary treats, beverages, style consultations and a $150 door prize from La Roche-Posay

Clothing Swap Rules:

  1. Bring along minimum of 5 items, maximum of 10. Accessories are welcome but no shoes, please!
  2. Clothing should be in good condition – nothing badly worn, torn or stained.
  3. Bring your clothes on hangers if possible – once you arrive, arrange your items by category. We’ll have tables, racks and fitting rooms available.
  4. Swap! Go home with the number of items you came with.
  5. All remaining items will be donated to charity.

You can purchase your $5 Donation Ticket here.

Happy Spring Cleaning!

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Stylin’ for the Fall

Shopping for chilly weather anchor pieces? May I suggest:

1. A versatile pair of booties (Check out some great finds  here)

2. Wrapping yourself in fur (faux or vrai options here)

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He Who Seeks Beauty Will Find it

A little while ago I watched the most inspiring film. It was a documentary about Bill Cunningham, the New York Times fashion photographer. You may not recall his name or his face, but if you’ve ever read a Sunday edition of the NY Times chances are you’ve seen his images of stylish New Yorkers out on the street and at exclusive galas and soirees. Bill has photographed some of the most notable characters in the fashion world and has had the pleasure of attending countless Fashion Week shows around the world. The movie is filled with cameos by admiring peers such as Anna Wintour who praise his skill and charisma. Learning about this charming man really emphasized that finding something you are truly passionate about and making it your life’s work is the only job worth having. I guarantee you will leave the theatre with a huge smile and enough inspiration to get out there and find your calling.

Find out a little bit more about the movie on my post for Style Nine to Five, and watch the trailer. You can catch the film in Toronto at Varisty Cinemas.

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Intern Diaries: Vol. IV Conclusion

As the month (and the year) comes to an end so has editorial internship #4.

It has been an exciting and enjoyable past few months working in the fashion closet amongst creative minds, fashionable bodies and racks of couture garments. All of the hard work, early mornings, late nights and frantic deadlines have only made my love for magazines and fashion grow stronger. I won’t be able to open up a magazine without flipping to the masthead to make a mental note of all the important names and titles before I turn the pages to enjoy the beauty and expertise they have edited together for my viewing pleasure.

Click here to read my final blog post on the Interns’ picks for Best Dressed of 2010.

Below you can check out some of the photos from the ten-page January spread “Chalet Chic” which I was on set to assist with.

Photos from Next Models Canada

Stay tuned for another volume of the Intern Diaries starting in early 2011.

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Another Tale for the Intern Diaries

My internship is nearly complete and it has definitely been keeping me busy. So busy that I haven’t even shared any of my experiences. *tsk tsk*

The fictional magazine office from one of my favourite films, Funny Face

As I finally find a moment to step back and take it all in perspective, I thought I would share some of the highlights from the past few weeks as a fashion editorial intern.

Blog Posts

One of the best parts of my internship (naturally) has been contributing to the fashion blog. I haven’t had much fashion news writing experience before, so this has been a new and enjoyable learning experience.

You can check out my byline in these posts:

Photo Shoots

Another first for me has been assisting on set at editorial photo shoots for a magazine.  Spending a day on set for a fashion spread is part of the job description for many editors, and the amount of work that goes into getting that perfect shot totally fascinated me. Never mind all of the pre-planning to organize a location, props, hair and makeup artists, models, a photographer and of course a plethora of clothing, shoes and accessories to be featured, the day of the shoot is long and can be very hectic. The editors have a specific idea or theme in mind for the photos and it can be many takes until that perfect shot comes through the lens.

A small selection of the beautiful items I was responsible for packing, unpacking and documenting while on set.

I was on set for a spread that will be in the January issue of the magazine (you can check it out for yourself in a few weeks when it comes out). I was at the studio early and returned well after nightfall but it was quite exciting to be part of the behind the scenes planning and executing of the set, and I met some really talented industry professionals.


Now I know you are probably thinking to yourself, “since when is modelling on the list of intern duties?” and, “Daniela who are you kidding?” but really I just couldn’t say no. I recently made my modelling debut on the fashion blog when a fellow intern asked me to help her out with a post she was writing about how to wear thigh-high socks. So in the name of fashion I put my insecurities aside and spent the day test out a few different pairs of socks for the comfort and style level and then reported my findings back to my fellow intern and one of the fashion editors. It turned out to be a fun and informative little experiment, and one more thing for me to add to my “life resume” as I like to call it.

The internship is not over yet and you can expect to hear a bit more in the coming weeks. Until then, feel free to mail me any spare TTC tokens you have lying around if you’d like to contribute to my internship. Thanks in advance.

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