A Visit to The Rock

The harbour of St. John's

I’m a bad Canadian (yah, eh). Until a few weeks ago if someone was talking about “The Rock” I would immediately assume it was in reference to professional wrestler and actor Dwayne Johnson, not anything to do with the province of Newfoundland.


Well now I know better. In early September I took my first trip to eastern Canada with a visit to St. John’s, Newfoundland. I love to travel and all, but prior to this trip my Canadian visits outside Ontario only included British Columbia and Quebec (again, I’m a terrible Canadian). I was very excited for my first trip out east, as I’ve heard so many wonderful things about the views, the friendly people and the abundance of fresh fish. Plus, one of my dearest friends is a native Newfoundlander and I’ve been meaning to get out to visit her.

My daily dose of Newfoundland Cod

It was here in the pretty seaside city of St. John’s that I learned the province was nicknamed “the rock”. I also learned:

  • Eating fish and chips fried in beer batter everyday is just fine as long as you don’t plan on wearing jeans
  • Getting ‘Screeched In‘ is quite a gross and slimy ritual, but essential if you want to become an honourary Newfie
  • You will have no clue what some people are saying (blame the Newfie slang)
  • But everyone is super friendly and will greet you on the street as well and sit next to you at the pub and strike up a convo (even if they are your server)
  • Everywhere in St. John’s takes five minutes to get to no matter what. This is logistically impossible in Toronto
  • The weather isn’t so bad and the night fog is kind of cool

Cape Spear is the most easterly point in North America

This is the tip of Canada!

Long may your Jib draw.


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