My Brief Encounter with TIFF

Ok so I’ll admit I was one of those people who didn’t actually watch a movie during the Toronto International Film Festival (for shame). I really wanted to but A) I didn’t get a chance to score tickets and B) I was out of town in Newfoundland for most of the festival. I did however have enough time to attend two out of the four trillion TIFF-related events going on around Toronto on behalf of The Hip & Urban Girls Guide.

The “Paparazzi Around” crystal mesh dress was definitely my favourite

I dropped in to the Swarovski Lounge at The Four Seasons Hotel to check out all the beautiful bling that was on loan for the A-listers to sport on the red carpet. The Daniel Swarovski Catwalk Collection was making its only Canadian appearance and I was lucky to see the amazing one of a kind couture pieces for myself. (You can see some of it here).

Later in the week I was at the TORO After Dark Party hosted by TORO Magazine at Ame Restaurant. There was an appearance by Glee’s Corey Monteith (i’m not a Gleek so this wasn’t huge for me) among others, and the event was held in support of Artists for Peace and Justice, which is a charity helping children in Haiti.

My encounter with TIFF this year was short and sweet (no Madonna spotting, not even a glimpse of Brad and Angelina or Clooney), but I’ll be making sure to catch the most talked about films when they hit theatres in the next few weeks.

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