Buon Appetito! HugTo’s Italian Feast & Friends Night

*WARNING* Reading this post may cause hunger pains. 

Last Thursday evening I had a wonderful meal. Actually, I think I’m still full.

Ready for cooking!

The ladies at Hipurbangirl hosted their latest networking event, Italian Feast & Friends with personal chef Massimo Bruno.

Massimo preparing the pasta

Chef Massimo cooked us a classic Italian 7-course meal at his Kitchen Studio Loft in Corktown, Toronto.

The Menu

We started with platters of antipasti: Buffalo Mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, carpaccio, salami, figs and focaccia bread, then moved on to the primi: handmade cavatelli pasta with tomatoes, arugola and ricotta. Next came the secondo: panfried veal with a lemon sauce and grilled zuccini, and finished the night with a dessert of panna cotta with raspberries and espresso.

Cavatelli Pasta

Everyone crowded around the kitchen with wine in hand as Massimo showed us every step of the meal, and shared with us a bit of his cooking philosophy and his secret ingredients. The best part of the night was having a chance to roll up our sleeves and join in on the pasta making lessons with training from Massimo.  Talk about earning your meal!

Handmade pasta by yours truly

Cooking lessons, a savoury home made meal, wine and some awesome dinner mates made for a perfect night!

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