Starting Another Volume of the Intern Diaries: Rockin’ it with The Stereos

As I mentioned at the start of the year, I’ve commenced yet another edition of the intern diaries. This one is a little different than the rest; I’ve traded in publishing for some experience in public relations.

So far i’ve done everything from writing and editing press releases, to making press kits and picking out the perfect nail lacquers for an editors’ beauty shoot. One of the most exciting experiences thus far has been assisting at a media event for a clients’ new product launch.

The Goods

And what a great event it was. With a live performance from Canadian band The Stereos to compliment the launch of the rock-inspired line of hair products, to the delicious food and perfect rock n’ roll decor at Queen Street’s ULTRA Lounge my first PR event was a great success.

The guys after their performance

I got to meet a lot of beauty and lifestyle editors whom I’ve admired for quite some time, and even made friends with a few interns who were attending the event on behalf of their publication.

To top it all off the event was even crashed by a supermodel who had missed her flight to NYC that morning and came to hang out with her friends in The Stereos!

Photo By: Claudia Grieco

Supermodel TIIU KUIK (who has been in VOGUE and some of the most famous designer runways) with Claudia Grieco from The Kit. (Photo from Claudia's Blog)

Stay tuned for more pages from the intern diaries in the coming weeks.

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