A Flattering Shout Out

Like many young professionals and aspiring writers today, I’m all over Twitter.

Love it or hate it, Twitter has become one of the best social media tools out there and has the power to start trends, make you laugh and maybe even help you land your dream job.

One of my fellow writers, Erin,  over at Talent Egg recently posted an article about the benefits of Twitter for students and recent graduates. As I scrolled down to read her advice, I was surprised to see my face and twitter bio as part of her piece.

If you're not following these Tweeters, you should be!

If you’re new to Twitter or looking to make the most out of your 140 character entries, I would suggest reading Erin’s advice. Remember to have fun, be creative and put your best self out there. You never know who may be retweeting!

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One thought on “A Flattering Shout Out

  1. Erin MacFarlane says:

    Love this, Daniela!

    I think the coolest part about Twitter is that you can form online friendships with people you’ve never met in person. Seems silly, but it still blows my mind!

    I remember trying to find relevant people to follow when I first signed up for Twitter, and I stumbled across your account almost right away. I LOVE your bio (clearly!) and your photo is one of the greatest I’ve seen. Thanks for all the inspiration (whether you knew it or not!) 🙂

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