So Long Sweet Summer

The days are getting shorter, the sleeves are getting longer and my skin is getting paler.

As much as we’d like to fight it, summertime has slipped from our fingers and fall will soon be reining in full force. Before we say  one last goodbye to the long and lazy days of the sunny season I decided to recap some key moments that made these last few months a summer to remember. There were exciting firsts, satisfying accomplishments, unexpected opportunities and great times spent with new and old friends.

Hello fall; you have some big shoes to fill, but I’m confident you can do it.


Some of my new friends from the Girls' Brunch

After graduation in May, I made it my number one priority to get out there and make some new contacts when I moved back to the GTA. Luckily Twitter and Facebook made it easy to find out about a wide variety of events specifically put on to meet other young professionals with similar interests. Some I attended include:


I’m happy to say networking helped me land some new writing assignments this summer. As you probably know, I’ve been working hard at my freelance writing career over the last few months and the results have been quite satisfying. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Front page of the London Free Press Business section
  • Started contributing to Your Pets Magazine
  • Contributing to The Beat Magazine’s June and August issues
  • Writing services for a local business
  • Contributing to
  • Registered my own freelance writing business (more about this in the near future)


Bracing the wind on Lake Joseph

What’s summer without some good times? The networking and the writing also turned into some memorable times, but there is nothing like some good old fashion summer activities to enjoy the warm days and sunny weekends. Some notable things include:

Fashion's Night Out at Tiffany's

Thanks for the memories summer 2010!

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One thought on “So Long Sweet Summer

  1. heidit says:

    It sounds like you had a fantastic summer. I’m really excited to hear about you registering your business and about how your freelancing is going. Good for you for doing so well, Daniela. You’re an inspiration to freelancers everywhere.

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