A Look into my (possible) future

Freelancing through University did a great job at supporting my shoe habit, but now I think it could be so much more. Since graduating I’ve seriously began to consider going into business full-time as a freelance writer. As I figure out the pros and cons of this possible career I’ve been lucky enough to come in contact with many great professional writers willing to share their knowledge and advice with aspiring freelancers.

I “met” Heidi Turner through Twitter a little while ago and I’ve enjoyed reading her thoughts on freelancing on her blog. I know there are many other aspiring writers in need of some guidance, and Heidi was willing to share some of her experiences to get potential freelancers off on the right start.

Check out my interview with Heidi Turner on TalentEgg.ca

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One thought on “A Look into my (possible) future

  1. heidit says:

    Somehow, I missed you posting this. Thank you so much for those lovely comments and the link to my blog. You are very sweet and a talented writer (I’m not just saying that because you said nice things about me). I have a feeling you would be very successful as a freelancer.

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