Taking Care of Business

It’s always great when things just fall into place after all your hard work.

In journalism school (man that seems like ages ago) I took a business reporting class where we had to produce a feature on anything business related. I chose to profile a student-run business in London called Rhyme With Orange Creative. It’s run by four UWO-Fanshawe students who offer graphic design services and marketing solutions to companies.

As I began to think about writing for publication rather than just for school assignments, I decided to pitch the story to the London Free Press business section. After many emails and telephone calls back and forth with the editor, the story finally appeared in today’s edition of the “Business Monday” section- on the front page too! I haven’t actually been able to see the print version as I no longer live in London, but luckily my friend Jess was kind enough to cut it out for me and will be mailing it over.

Check out the article here in the London Free Press.

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3 thoughts on “Taking Care of Business

  1. Great article, Daniella! I read it and and thought, “this is so cool” because both you and Alex were in my course where we created a magazine. Do you want me to send you a copy of the article? If so, please e-mail me and let me know.

  2. Jen says:

    Congratulations! I found your blog while perusing TalentEgg. I actually thought the posting about the 5 things you learned belonged to Lauren O’Neil, because I follow her blog and went to school with her too (high school, that is). But nope, one of her classmates. What a fluke! I think it’s neat though.

    Best of luck in your new J-life!

    • ddistefano says:

      Such a coincidence! thanks for the message Jen, and I hope you keep checking out my blog as well as TalentEgg. I was browsing through your blog I really enjoy it!

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