Hand me my Green Jacket

The end is not near, it is HERE.

After five years of post-secondary education at The University of Western Ontario, I am finally entering that place everyone keeps talking about: the “REAL WORLD.”

What's it like?

No more staying up all hours of the night writing essays, eating greasy pizza while doing group projects on the weekends, studying for exams with my “Zen Calming” iPod playlist, or showing up for class hungover. Damn I’m going to miss that last one.

I am officially a Master. A Master of Arts in Journalism to be exact. If this was the PGA tour, I’d be getting a beautifully tailored green jacket that I could wear with my fave strappy heels and bauble necklace.

I'm still trying to master photoshop

Instead this is the “REAL WORLD,” and now –gasp– I’m back living in the suburbs with my parents, waiting for a sign from the Divine, or more like a call from one of the countless places i’ve applied for employment telling me my dream job is waiting.

My feelings about this transition are mixed to say the least.

Sure, I’m proud of all my hard work over the last five years and the fact i’m finally graduating. I don’t really want to spend the rest of my life in school (at some point I will no longer be able to pass for 21). And I really want  to start my career so I can make some money and establish myself as an adult in a fabulous Toronto condo overlooking the Lakeshore (or at least pay for my own cell phone bill).

But when you’ve been a student all your life and you’re used to all the privileges and excuses that come with being in school full-time, how the hell are you supposed to know how to function when you no longer have the word STUDENT following the comma after your name? And how do you decide your next move when you want to do about a million different things at the same time? It is the ultimate identity crisis if you ask me.

For now I’m just trying to put all these thoughts on hold for a few weeks and do something you hardly ever get to do…NOTHING. But it’s harder then one would think spending your days with your hair in a bun, organizing the clothes in your closet by colour and sleeve length. I just have to keep telling myself to be patient and use my time to read, relax, think about my next move and spend time with some great people.

Hopefully, when the day arrives for me to don my last cap and gown at Alumni Hall (June 14th), I’ll have a better idea of where I’m headed– even if it’s just for the next couple of months.

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4 thoughts on “Hand me my Green Jacket

  1. heidit says:

    Congratulations on finishing your program! That’s quite an accomplishment. I’m sure the great jobs are headed your way any second. Enjoy your time of doing nothing for the next few weeks–I think in your case, it won’t last long.

    The hardest part for me about being out of school was that in school, you get tons of feedback about everything you write. Out of school, you really only hear if there is something negative to say (or something really, really positive, but even that’s rare). It’s hard when you’re used to all the feedback to get used to hearing nothing and just accepting that as the norm.

    Anyhow, congratulations on finishing your program and good luck to you in your career. I have a feeling you’ll do very, very well and maybe even get that fancy condo.

  2. Andrea M says:

    Hey Dee! I agree completely… I am also unemployed sitting in my house without a beacon of hope… I now make lists of stuff I want to accomplish on my “time off”.. this list includes the infamous closet organization, renovating my dull den, and making some trips downtown to loose myself in the city… yet, after the past couple of days i find myself sinking in the imprint i made on my couch…

    Since we live insanely close now maybe we could venture out in to the ‘real world’ and roller blade or do something of that nature.. Let me know!

    And I have absolutely no doubt that you will achieve the fancy condo over looking lake shore.. I just hope it smells okay!


  3. First, congrats on graduating. I am on the other side of the fence. They say that the generation of kids born to Baby Boomers are called Bommerangs. That’s you. That’s my daughter, who graduated last year – Business Degree, HR, concentration, Dean’s Honour List, Billingual, etc., etc., can’t get a job in her field. And now she’s not sure that’s what she wants to do anyway. She’s been wearing a retail jacket since she was 14 doing part time jobs. Now, with her degree, she is coming home to live with yet another service industry job.

    I look forward to reading more of your blog postings and how you progress with your chosen profession. From one writer to another best of luck!

  4. Rose says:

    Enjoy doing nothing, because soon you’ll be working & wishing that time back

    Congratulations on graduating , I really enjoy reading your blog. … lol

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