The Intern Diaries: Week Three

Statue of Nelson Poynter outside the Institute

It’s week three. Not to be a pessimist or anything, but we are closer to the end than to the beginning. Here is what went down in internland these last few days:

  • So this week I was left (almost) alone to take control over the design and layout of the paper. Pretty scary stuff. As the paper goes to press Thursday, I made sure to start getting things done Monday. I started with the small stuff that goes in every week: weather, calendar of events, crossword, and recipe. Tuesday I spent most of the day writing all of my assigned stories, and Wednesday I got down to work putting it all together. By Thursday at 2 p.m. (an hour after our 1p.m “flexible” deadline) all six pages were good to go to the printers. WOW most stressful two days ever! I am by no means a layout pro but I am very proud of the good looking paper produced this week.
  • You cannot have a paper without photos and you cannot use photos without editing first. Having never used Photoshop before (eek!) I had to get a crash course from the editor and make myself some cheat sheets. Simply converting photos from colour into black and white just doesn’t cut it. You have make sure the size will be big enough to play around with once you past it into the layout, play with sharpness, brightness, resolution etc, etc until its just right. Since the photos are printed on newsprint and not white paper, you also have to make sure they won’t print too dark. So much to wrap your head around! This week certainly gave me a new appreciation to everyone working in the graphics/design/layout departments of my favourite publications.
  • To end off this busy week I decided to take a break from the newsroom action and venture downtown St. Petersburg for some tourist time. Although I’ve been coming down here since I was 3 years old, I have to say there is so much about this city I never knew. Contrary to popular belief, Florida isn’t all about sun and sand. I took a stroll on Beach Drive passing by the Museum of Fine Art and the St. Petersburg Pier. Then I explored USF campus (University of Southern Florida @ St. Petes) which was so pretty! If only UWO’s campus overlooked a marina and had paths lined with palm trees, birds of paradise flowers, and water fountains. Right next door to USF is the Poynter Institute a.k.a Mecca for journalists. The lady at the front told me I couldn’t look around the building without booking a tour (sad) but she gave me a whole bunch of literature about the seminars they offer and other cool things. Who knows maybe next time I’m down here i’ll sign up for a class! Walking back to my car I noticed the Salvador Dali Museum just across the street so I decided to pop in and take a quick peek. An hour later I had strolled through the entire collection of surreal work. My favourite was the collection of beautiful jewelry Dali made in the 1950s.

Check out my articles in Pinellas News this week.


One thought on “The Intern Diaries: Week Three

  1. Sounds like you’re getting a crash course in all the different aspects of running a newspaper. That’s great! Layout and photo editing were actually my favourite parts about being on the masthead of Ryerson’s student paper. It’s harder than most people think to get a newspaper to look nice.

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