The Intern Diaries: Week One

Me infront of the City Hall Building in St. Petersburg

It’s official. I’ve survived week one as a Florida intern and so far, so good. Except its quite colder than I would like.

Here is a recap of the week:

  • I actually got a head start and covered a story the Saturday before I was supposed to officially begin. It was the inauguration of the mayor of St.Petersburg, Bill Foster, and I attended the swearing in ceremony at City Hall. Although I did not get a chance to talk with the new mayor, I got to speak with a few city council members and some locals who attended. It ended up being the lead story for the paper.
  • I got a swanky press pass that I will be flashing at every opportunity AND my own email address.
  • I was able to get an exit interview with the former mayor of St. Petersburg, Rick Baker. We talked over coffee at a local restaurant, and the editor came along to take some photos and observe my interviewing skills. It was great to speak with the man who ran the city for nine years and I learned about how the community has grown and changed for the better over the decade. It was a little nerve racking to have the editor watch me interview my subject, but he said he was proud of how well I did considering I had no previous knowledge of politics in the city.
  • Later that day I attended a public hearing at City Hall, my first ever. A group of city officials have been assigned to discuss ideas for renovating the downtown Pier with an architectural firm, and they met to present some construction plans. I reported on the different suggestions presented by the consultants along with the costs and the reactions from officials.

Click here to read my articles in Pinellas News this week

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3 thoughts on “The Intern Diaries: Week One

  1. Alana says:

    Sounds like you’re doing great! That would be so nerve-wracking to have your editor with you during an interview!! Congrats on OWNING the front page 🙂

  2. Sounds awesome! Congratulations! I’ve always wanted a press pass just to have one … I didn’t even get one when I did an internship at the National Post. 😦

  3. Rose says:

    Congratulation on your byline in the Pinellas News.. pretty cool to see your name in print

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