Diary of an Editorial Intern

As part of my masters program in journalism I must complete a one-month internship at a media outlet. Here I will put everything I’ve learned in the last two semesters to work in a real live news environment.  After much consideration, talking with friends, family members, peers, and teachers, and hours checking out various newspapers, magazines, radio and television outlets I made my decision.

I’ve chosen to intern at Pinellas News, a weekly community paper located in St. Petersbug, Florida.

There are many reasons for my final decision and I think its going to be a great fit. First of all I wanted to start off small at a place where I could get as much experience in the daily proceedings of a newsroom and get as many quality clippings as I could for my portfolio. Second of all, I thought I should take this opportunity to venture outside of my comfort zone and country borders to experience working as a journalist in a foreign environment. Even if it’s just a mid-sized city like St. Petersburg, Florida.

I have this next month to learn about a new city and report about the people, places, and events that matter to its citizens. I’m really excited to see how it goes, and who knows I might even have some time to get a tan.

Here is some great intern advice from a friend and Intern pro.

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