My First Radio Documentary

After much hard work and anticipation, I produced my first radio documentary this semester. My subject couldn’t have been any better: 40 barbershop singing men (most over the age of 60) who make up the London Ontario chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society. The documentary process certainly improved my editorial judgement and developed my interviewing skills. It also made me more confident using the recording devices and editing software. But overall I had a wonderful time learning about barbershop singing and hearing about the wonderful memories these men have acquired over the years.

LMAMen in straw Boater hats and striped vests harmonizing under lampposts are a thing of the past. But in London Ontario a performing chorus with the Barbershop Harmony Society is keeping the musical art form alive. The London Men of Accord have certainly sung their part well. With a rich and colorful history, barbershop singing has become more than a passion for these men: it is a way of life.

Listen to my documentary about the London Men of Accord

Click here for the Bi-Monthly London Men of Accord Newsletter, The Clipper, which I was featured in.


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