This is What Dreams are Made of

Teen-Vogue-Fashion-University-Logo Something amazing happened to me.

I have been accepted to Teen Vogue’s Fashion University. This means I will be one of a couple hundred eager young fashion lovers going to New York City for a weekend of seminars, events, and tours lead by some of the best in the business.

I applied to Fashion U this summer hoping for a chance to learn from some of the most notable people in the magazine world. Every year the conference gives students an all-access pass into the Teen Vogue world where they hear tips, tricks, and experiences from the designers, editors, bloggers, and creative directors that have made it big in the fashion world.

I made sure to select seminars that would not just be fun and exciting, but useful for an aspiring journalist like myself. I will be hearing from:

  • Editor-in-Chief of Teen Vogue, Amy Astley
  • Serena Giovi the VP of Maybelline New York
  • Designer Cynthia Rowley
  • Style bloggers Julia Frakes of Bunny Bisous, Lauren McGrath of Good Bones, Great Pieces, and Arabelle Sicardi of Fashion Pirates
  • and the one and only Diane von Furstenburg

The opportunity to speak with these individuals about career advice or even just hear them talk about their experiences is once in a lifetime.

I absolutely CAN NOT WAIT to write all about it.


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