This isn’t real life. This is dorm life.

Published in Campus Life Magazine May 2009

dorm-life-girlsWhere else can you drink at 4 in the afternoon, play flag football, catch a rampantly contagious illness, chase after that hottie from the elevator, and stay up all night cramming?

Dorm life can be the quintessential college experience, giving you the opportunity to live, socialize, and sometimes study with a wide range of fascinating students all in one building. The mischief, adventures, rivalries, and romance also make for a hilarious mockumentary series that has recently become a web phenomenon.

“Dorm Life” is a brilliant web series that chronicles the experiences of a charismatic group of first year students residing on “5 South,” a dorm floor on a fictional college campus. Each episode depicts the everyday aspects of campus life, ranging from roommate quarrels, fire alarms, mysterious smells, and unruly pranks that often plague dorm rooms.

Though the characters may seem stereotypical, there is an aspect of every personality the typical student will have encountered in their college experience. There is Marshall Adams, the sarcastic and overbearing Resident Assistant; Stephanie Schwartzman, the overly excited sophomore; Abigail Brown, the shy and conservative freshman with a big secret; Mike Sanders, the cool guy adjusting to being away from his high school girlfriend, and Shane Reilly and Gopher Reed, the party animals never without their shot glasses, just to name a few.

Created by recent graduates from University of California, Los Angeles, the show is written and produced by the actors who play the exaggerated characters. Production of the series began as they were nearing the end of their college careers and wanted to pay tribute to an unforgettable time in their lives. They began working with Attention Span Media, a social media studio that specializes in online video production, and the first episode aired in February 2008.

Since it premiered, the “Dorm Life” series has received more than 6 million views, and is ranked as Hulu’s #1 all-time most popular web series. The show, which releases new episodes every Monday on YouTube and, has been nominated for the Audience Choice Award and Best Ensemble Cast at the 2009 Streamy Awards for web television, and at the 2008 Webby for Best Writing and Comedy.

Separating itself from typical television series, “Dorm Life” characters are able to interact with their viewer’s blogs, chat rooms, web cameras, and Facebook, MySpace and Twitter profiles. This ongoing communication via the latest and greatest in social media has been the key to the show’s success, as ardent fans have spread the word among friends through these shared links. The 23 and counting episodes are also quite short compared to your usual comedy series, running anywhere from five to ten minutes, and are perfect for tuning in before your next class or when you are procrastinating in between essays.

In its second season, “Dorm Life” has established a vast audience of current and former college students who can relate to this insider’s view of the rocky, and often awkward, road to adulthood through post-secondary education. The series depicts the college dorm lifestyle in such a true and amusing fashion, even if the antics are mildly exaggerated. The character dynamics and outlandish scenarios will remind audiences of everything they discovered and shared in their freshman year.

“Dorm Life” illustrates every universal aspect of college culture, representing the good times, the rough times, and the times you spent wondering what the hell you were doing. From elaborate schemes to pick up girls, to man crushes on star college athletes, and academic probation, this is a must-watch comedy series that confirms mistakes, love, learning, and good times are what make the college years better than you ever thought possible.


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