London Music Club debuts local album

Published in the UWO Gazette June 2009

6a00d83453035769e20105361d607d970b-320piIf the Forest City had a soundtrack, it would probably sound a lot like Friday Nights at the London Music Club.

Bright and cheerful, gentle and soulful with some eccentric touches, the CD best represents the range and talent of artists in the London area.

“This album is a great way for people to experience the unsigned indie talent in the London music scene,” says Bryan Feller, recording engineer and in-house producer at the London Music Club (LMC) Studios.

From soft rock to alternative, blues to pop, country to dance tunes, the debut album from LMC Studios, set to be released June 26, encompasses original music from new artists in their early twenties to accomplished musicians in their fifties.

“Everyone on the album is a regular performer at the LMC,” says 23-year-old Feller who also manages the club. “It is a real representation of what to expect when you come out to Friday Open Mic nights.”

For over five years the London Music Club has been a unique fixture in London’s live music experience, featuring regional bands and performers, and a great line up of special entertainers almost every day of the week. The new LMC Studios provides a relaxed and encouraging atmosphere for emerging artists to work on their craft, says Feller.

“Recording can be quite intimidating for new artists, and very expensive,” says Feller, who trained at the Arts Institute of Vancouver, Burnaby for Recording Engineering. “We though this (CD) would be a great way for them to gain studio experience for free.”

The compilation is an opportunity for featured artists, like 20-year-old Karen Emeny, to be involved with a little piece of London Music Club history.

“It’s great to have the chance to be part of something like this from start to finish,” says Emeny, a singer/songwriter and guitar player from London. “I’m excited for people to come to the release party.”

Emeny, who has been playing at the LMC Open Mic nights since 2008, says music gives her an outlet to present ideas and experiences she wouldn’t otherwise be able to express or talk about.

“I love all aspects of performing,” says the fourth year English and History student at The University of Western Ontario’s King’s College. “Even as nervous as I get it is an adrenaline rush, especially when people come up to me and say they can relate to my music.”

Both Feller and Emeny agree that the warm and welcoming environment of the LMC is great for local artists to come express their creativity and practice their musical techniques in front of a captive audience.

“People come here because they want to listen to music, not just drink and be rowdy with their friends,” Feller says. “They are very supportive and encouraging.”

Feller hopes the release of the album will help the 12-featured artists gain exposure and also advance the popularity of live music in London.

Although at times it was difficult to manage and schedule all the artists for studio time, Feller says it was a great learning experience for the artists and for everyone at LMC Studios.  The album will be available at Grooves record store downtown London and the LMC.

“Our ultimate goal is for this to become like a Big Shiny Tunes album where we can continue to give this opportunity to local talent.” says Feller, who is also featured on the album with his band, Bliss Express.


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